Tip 1: Avoid Autoplay

Audio should not autoplay unless:

  • the user is forewarned that this will happen

  • the user is provided with a pause/stop mute control

Audio can be disruptive for screen reader users as it can conflict with and speak over VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android. Audio that is unexpected may also negatively impact and distress users with cognitive or sensory sensitivity.

Ideally allow the user to opt-in (not opt-out) for auto-playing content audio. Where controls such as pause/stop/mutton are available, ensure they are fully accessibility and immediately available to the user. 

Tip 2: Hide decorative content

For people using assistive technologies on their phone (such as VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android), UI elements such as hidden or inactive content should not be navigable.  

You can deactivate these elements when using accessibility features by setting the appropriate properties or states on an element or object. This informs the assistive technology that the element is off-screen, obscured, or hidden.

On iOS: Disable the UI elements: 'UIButton' and 'UILabel'

On Android: Use the 'android.focusable' property

Tip 3: Set Accessibility attributes

Phones have some amazing accessibility features - one of which the ability for the screen to be read aloud (VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android). Visit [page name] for some examples. To ensure your app is as useful and usable while it is being read aloud, the text read aloud should be both meaningful and helpful.

There, you should ensure that elements have accessibility properties set appropriately - such as such as role of the button or control, value, name and state. 

Labelling UI elements

Visit the below pages for help on assigning the right accessibility attributes to your app:

To test your features, turn on TalkBack / VoiceOver.

Tap on visual elements on the screen or conduct the gesture to have the whole screen read. Ensure all elements are read and the are meaningful and appropriate. If the entire screen is read, ensure the order makes sense